Shiatsu Massage

 Shiatsu is an energy balancing treatment much practiced in the world thanks to its different benefits. Of Japanese origin it refers to Traditional Chinese Medicine and to the natural alternation of the cycle of the seasons. In shiatsu treatment mind and body are in connection. The body, the instrument that communicates to us that something is not balanced in thought and emotions, sends us signals and alarm bells that we do not always know how to listen with the result of finding ourselves tired and not very vital. Shiatsu helps to restore the psycho-physical balance of the person and gives a pleasant feeling of well-being and vitality at any age and at any time.
- strengthens the immune system;
- stimulates vitality;
- improves mood;
- relaxes muscles and joints;
- relieves stress and general tensions;
- can represent over time a help to better deal with and manage in a
 natural way insomnia, anxiety and much more;
- improves circulation and concentration.
 Please wear comfortable clothes and stay on an empty stomach. For information ask at the Reception.